SecureLab News Archive 2005    

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February 2005
Microsoft: Watch out for rogue code 2-11
Vigilantes launch attack on scam sites 2-10
Microsoft probes anti-spyware Trojan 2-10

May 2005
FBI raids hackers of LexisNexis DB 5-20
Phishing attacks take a new twist 5-4

June 2005
Do Google Ads Help Fund Spyware? 6-09
Bad Actors Safe Under Spyware Bill? 6-08

July 2005
ISS put big Corps before customers? 7-28
Cisco Security Hole a Whopper 7-27

Sept 2005
Yahoo boycott 9-7
Yahoo helped China jail journalist! 9-6
November 2005
Fake IRS E-Mail Scam 11-30
Security flaw allows wiretap evasion 11-30

December 2005
'Spyware' allegations against Sony BMG 12-22



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