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January 2003

9-Digit 'Social' Overused as ID 1-29
AT&T spam filter loses e-mails 1-27
Slammer: Slows to a crawl 1-27
Internet Worm From Honk Kong? 1-27
'Slammer' Worm Attacks 1-26
Senate curbs Pentagon data-mining 1-24
Gates: We still need better security 1-24
Warning, Fake Escrow Companies 1-23
New York wins spammer case 1-23
New Microsoft flaw exposes servers 1-23
Cordless Keyboard Strikes Again 1-20
Personal Info Fills Junked Hard Drives 1-16

February 2003

Security flaw exposes Windows ME 2-27
Spyware Epidemic 2-24
Keeping your computer spyware-free 2-24
Big Brother 'eBay' is watching you 2-22
New Linux security Patches 2-21
Crypto attack against SSL outlined 2-21
Hackers Run Wild and Free on AOL 2-21
Experts discredit e-mail security cracks 2-21
Credit card hack traced to outsider 2-19
Bush unveils final cybersecurity plan 2-14
How the FBI conned Web con artist 2-14
Microsoft releases anti-Slammer tools 2-6
Microsoft Issues 'Critical' IE Patch 2-5
'Erased' hard drives can bite you 2-5
Cybersecurity Chief Issues Warning 2-2

March 2003

Big Brother Is Watching You Shop 3-30
Ultimate Windows Update Guide 3-28
When Patches Aren't Applied 3-28
ID theft: a $1bn a year crime 3-28
Program targets Windows 2000 flaw 3-25
Windows XP receives data packets while connected Windows XP can take up to 1KB per second bandwidth while connected to the Internet, receiving unknown, useless data
WinXP receiving data while
connected - solution 3-24
Microsoft chokes Hotmail to stop spam 3-24
Supremes Uphold U.S. Spy Powers 3-24
Is SSL Safe? 3-21
Office 2003 may pose virus problem 3-21
Feds Alert to Web Security Threat 3-21
Virus writers take advantage of war 3-20
Minor glitch in Win2K patch 3-20
Associated Press, WASHINGTON -- Microsoft Corp. today warned about a serious flaw in almost every version of its popular Windows software that could allow hackers to seize control of a person's computer when victims read e-mails or visit Web sites.  Microsoft assessed the problem's urgency as critical, its highest level, and urged customers to download a free repairing patch immediately from its Web site, Critical Windows Flaw READ 3-19
Student charged in U of Texas hack 3-14
Windows worm poses as game 3-14
Stopping spam at the source 3-14
Password-stealing e-mails spread 3-13
The darkest side of ID theft 3-9
Data thieves nab student records 3-6
Nigerian scam continues to thrive 3-5
Klez Dosen't Stop 3-4

April 2003

Rise of the Spam Zombies 4-27
Latest IE and Outlook patches 4-24
Trojan clears man on child porn charges 4-24
Cisco flaw exposes Windows servers 4-24
Organizer: 'Hackathon' Will Go On 4-24
Patch issued for Windows NT flaw 4-24
If backup speed, strength of security, ease of use, and a full featured backup application is what you are looking for, then WinBackup should be on your short list of products to consider Review of WinBackup v1.73 4-22
Beware That Windows Error Message 4-17
Embracing E-Gov Despite Concerns 4-15
Check Your Viral Load for Bugs 4-14
UPS E-mail Terror Hoax 4-9
Another Flaw Found in Microsoft VM 4-9

May 2003

Software makes stolen PCs useless 5-27
Bug bites huge hole in Kazaa 5-27
Microsoft pulls Windows XP update 5-27
IE add-on blocks document leaks 5-22
Worm Disguised E-Mail from Microsoft 5-19
Viruses Learn How to IM 5-16
Fizzer’ worm spreads around globe 5-12
Six Holes Found in AOL ICQ 5-12 Plaintiff Samuel Kim said he unwittingly became a victim in February after making a purchase at a Best Buy store in Los Angeles with his debit card. At checkout, a store employee scanned Kim's debit card and, without any explanation to him, scanned a trial MSN compact disc and placed it in his shopping bag, the lawsuit said. When Kim asked why the compact disc had been scanned, the employee allegedly said it was to keep track of inventory. But Best Buy apparently sent Kim's debit card information to Microsoft, which activated an MSN service account in his name without telling him, the lawsuit said. Kim did not use the compact disc but discovered after receiving his bank statement that Microsoft had deducted a monthly service charge from his account, the suit said. He has not been unable to get a full refund from either company, said Anthony Lee, his attorney. The lawsuit asks a judge to stop the alleged scam and demands a refund for Best Buy customers that were involved. Microsoft, Best Buy Accused Scam? 5-8
Serious Passport flaw uncovered 5-8
XP Right-Click Performance Decrease 5-8
Beware Those WMP Skins 5-7
Free Blackice Download Website Defaced 5-6
What you can do to get rid of spyware 5-6
'Kill' switch disables Radio ID Chips 5-6
Security group: ICQ is flawed 5-6
Fingerprint scanner asks, who-are-u 5-6
Advocacy Groups Back Antispam Proposal 5-2

June 2003

WMP9 Flaw Leaves Users Exposed 6-26
IE flaw could unearth worm 6-25
Fortnight worm exploits antique win vuln 6-23
Of worms, viruses and hoaxes 6-20
Companies Told to Store IMs 6-19
Cracker spills the beans on PDF flaw 6-18
Netscape Settles Spying on Users Case 6-13
Spam cure worse than ailment? 6-15
Your Identity Useless To Thieves 6-12

July 2003

Spam emails hide key logger virus 7-31
Possible Net Attack 7-31
Published Code Exposes Win Flaw 7-28
Cyber Intrusion Reporting Standards 7-28
Identity thief nabs victims at Kinko’s 7-23
Con Artists Pretend to Be Web Companies 7-22
Twin flaws have security pros worried 7-17
Stealth program hijacks PCs, sends porn 7-15
Identity theft victimized e-mail users 7-14
Hacker defacement contest 7-2
Microsoft plugs second Passport hole 7-2
Security threats fuel IT spending 7-2
Missing System Tools Win XP Start Menu

August 2003

Sobig.F Virus Slows 8-24
Alert: New Virus Spreading Fast 8-19
'Good' worm & Sobig spreading fast 8-19
MS kills address to foil worm 8-15
MS Braces as Worm Prepares to Attack 8-13
Boycott against Gillette RFID Tracking 8-13 A new worm scans the Internet to find vulnerable Windows 2000, NT, and XP systems; MSBlast does not spread via e-mail. Instead, it scans the Internet on port 135 looking for vulnerable computers. When it finds one, it attempts to exploit the DCOM RPC buffer overflow, create a remote root shell on TCP port 4444, then use FTP to download a file called msblast.exe onto the infected computer. MSBlast prevention and cure 8-12
MSBlast worm, Serious Win Flaw 8-12
Users beware as e-mail worm spreads 8-2

September 2003

MS Issues CRITICAL I.E. Patch 10-05
VeriSign calls halt to .com detours 10-3
How to Block Verisign Sitefinder Service
eBay confirms user data giveaway 9-25
How To Block Messenger Pop-Ups 9-24
Article on Security experts say that the Swen mass-mailing Windows worm appears to be spreading quickly, moving to the top of the virus charts a day after it first appeared--and even maintaining its own counter that supposedly monitors how many PCs have been infected. New Swen Worm Warning 9-19
Windows flaws allow PC takeover 9-10
New Windows virus may hit soon 9-10
Security firm: IE patch does not work 9-8
GSM flaw may let in snoopers 9-3
Office users at risk from 'critical' flaw 9-3
Study: Millions hit by ID fraud 9-3

October 2003

November 2003

New virus disguised as PayPal email 11-14
Arrested Hackers Used Wi-Fi 11-13
Trojan hides in fake Citibank e-mail 11-13
Zombie machines fuel cybercrime 11-12
Destructive MiMail variant hits web 11-03

December 2003

Article on Security experts say that the Swen mass-mailing Windows worm appears to be spreading quickly, moving to the top of the virus charts a day after it first appeared--and even maintaining its own counter that supposedly monitors how many PCs have been infected. Technology To-Do List 12-31
Bank of Eng Hit by Hoax E-Mail Scam 12-30
Don't plug our PCs into the Web 12-24
IE fix mends open-source patch 12-22



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