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December 1999 Headlines
Cracker Launches Attack on NASA 12-23
Do you need a personal firewall? 12-23 admits to security blunder 12-22
Report: EPA networks 'at risk' 12-21
Privacy Concerns May Ground PIII In Europe 12-15
Netscape flaw revealed 12-15
Government asks hackers for Y2K break 12-14
Anatomy of a virus 12-13
Microsoft, Netscape facing browser bugs 12-13
Babylonia virus loses its home page 12-8
E-mail hoax's, should you believe these? 12-7
Experts warn of hacker threat 12-7
New virus disguised as Y2K bug patch 12-7
EPIC Sues NSA Over Snooping 12-6
Hacker delays DVD launch 12-3
Privacy groups petition FTC over e-mail flaw 12-3
UK bank Egg suffers a security crack 12-1
Is virus worming through Europe 12-1
Coppermine bug stops PC shipments 12-1
Bug in new Pentium IIIs hampers boot-up 12-1

November 1999 Headlines
MiniZip a nasty, small clone of ExploreZip 11-30
Internet spies' new tactics 11-26
Congress Getting Dirty Hands On Net 11-23
Bookseller guilty of e-mail intercept 11-22
Windows 98 bug patch problems 11-19
Christmas virus could reformat hard drives 11-19
Privacy groups aim to block wiretap rules 11-19
Computer Attacks Spreading 11-18
Encrypt Your Mail, Go to Jail 11-13
Hijackers lay traps for errant e-mails 11-09
Firms wrestle with resilient FunLove virus 11-12
RealNetworks, more suits for tracking 11-12
Blame US Regs for DVD Hack 11-11
DVD Hackers Headed to Court? 11-10
Sci/TechE-mail security bubble bursts 11-10
Fearing a Plague of 'Web Bugs' 11-13
'BubbleBoy' virus breaks new ground 11-09
Computer crime outrunning law 11-08
Sony glitch reveals ... e-mail addresses 11-08
Advocates call for halt to online profiling 11-05
Virus hoaxes causing headaches 11-03
Is the Net in your locker room? 11-02
Bosses police cyber-slackers 11-02
Hackers tax the stupid 11-02
RealNetworks rewrites privacy policy 11-01
RealNetworks Says It's RealSorry 11-01

October 1999 Headlines
Plug-in bug lets fonts crash Communicator 10-28
The Code War [Russian-US Hacks] 10-8
Consent Required 10-20
Crackers Penetrate MS Site 10-26
Melissa finds more fertile ground 10-22
Microsoft patches Java bug 10-22
Spy computers 'spammed' 10-22
End E-Mail Insanity Forever 10-18
Melissa variants multiply 10-18
May your e-mail rest in peace 10-19
Latest ...Explorer bug allows PC data to be read 10-19
Badass virus infects Outlook 10-15
Melissa-like viruses haunt firms 10-15
Microsoft developing patch for IE 5.0 hole 10-13
The Big Privacy Lie 10-13
Password Thief Ransacks AOL 10-12
Bug Finder Exposes MS Again 10-11
Microsoft patches browser hole 10-8
Hackers Ascend Upper 'Echelon' 10-6
MS Fingers Hotmail Hackers 10-5
Dvorak takes on hackers 10-5
Private computer[s]...vulnerable to hacks 10-5
Internet police .....with cyber-unit 10-4
Why Hacking Contests Are a Bad Idea 10-4
Cop warns of Y2K software tampering 10-1
Unplugged! The biggest hack in history 10-1
Virus protectors get a brand new bag 10-1
Is Microsoft Tracking Visitors? 3-12-99
This one is a bit old, but I had to put it up


September 1999 Headlines
IE5 has privacy peephole 9-30
The CIA Scopes Out Venture Capitalism 9-30
Major Internet Security Flaw 9-29
Backdoors Aren't All Bad 9-29
Is Your Medical Info Safe? 9-24
Potential [Virus] Hazard 9-13
PC 300PL: The world's securest desktop? 9-28
Microsoft releases updated IE security patch 9-27
CyberTrust OK to Export Crypto Worldwide 9-27
IBM to launch e-biz security chip 9-27
White House to back off on crypto 9-16
Network Solutions E-Mail Security Alert 9-16
New Hotmail hole discovered 9-13
A [real] Windows back door 9-9
Zap! ... and your PC's dead 9-9
Congress feuds over encryption 9-5
Debate Flares over MS 'Spy Key' 9-4
Windows 'back door' security alert 9-3
Expert says Windows has a security breach 9-3
MS denies giving NSA key 9-3
Windows has [serious] security breach 9-3


August 1999 News Headlines
Hits Keep On Coming Against MS 8-31
FCC wiretap rules delight FBI 8-27
Furor rising over PC wiretap plan 8-20
Tales From the Crypto 8-30
Top Bank sends virus in E-Mail 8-29
Group Cracks Internet Code  8-28
Locking Windows' Backdoors 8-26
Fed agency recruits hacker teens 8-26
MS Admits NT Security Flaw 8-26
Netscape fix to Web server bug 8-26
Hackers Offered $50k Crack E-Mail 8-25
Hackers scanning for trouble 8-24
Instant Messenger Security Risk 8-23
MS patches Excel security holes 8-20
Chinese Restrict Pentium III Sales 8-5

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